Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning becomes an important, but easy to forget, event in your busy schedule. Rather than risk attempting this messy and dangerous job on your own, call the experts Nu~Air to help you check chimney cleaning off your to-do list. Our team will ensure that your chimney and fireplace are in great shape, We use our own enterprise strength vacuums and control dust and protect your home.

Chimney Repair

Prevention, detection, and correction of all your chimney and venting system concerns. Chimney repair, chimney relining, or chimney cleaning…it’s what we do!

Chimneys that are exposed to the elements may demonstrate signs of deterioration. Moisture damage, smoke damage, or thermal shock can all lead to your chimney falling into disrepair. A damaged chimney could overheat and catch fire, or it could cause extensive structural damage to the rest of your commercial or residential building
With over 20 years’ experience, we have encountered and resolved almost every chimney problem imagineable! Whether it’s a blockage or damage, we will fix and restore your chimney to its normal working condition.

Guaranteed Quality by Nu~Air the Healthy Choice, Inc.

Our Service Department consists of top quality technicians, ready to repair and maintain your heating, air conditioning, ducts, dryer vents, and chimneys to operate at peak efficiency and safety. At Nu~Air the Healthy Choice, Inc., we are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction from quality repairs to your every service need.